WTC Spedition A/S's history:

WTC Spedition A/S was founded as SCT Spedition Aps first of July 1997. The purpose of the company was to be a freight forward company that exclusively did transports across the borders in Europe, as a parallel company to SCT Transport, who did 98% of their transports as contrator and constructions works at Zealand.

The company was founded by haulier Henning Christiansen. One year after the company was grounded, became Walli Irschenberger the director of the company, with 50% of the shares. After a start with only transport of industial fish from Gilleleje and the Swedish east coast to the flour fabrics in Jutland, began the company to transport recycling products. This was a good action, that still is a huge part of the operation of the company.

In December 2001 Walli Irschenberger bought all the shares in the company. The company changed their name to WTC Spedition, not to get confused with SCT Transport. WTC stands for Walking-floor, Tipper and Container, which was the trailers we used in our transports. The company moved to new locations and Lisbeth Møller became the director of the company.

In 2002 was WTC Spedition A/S in Flensburg, Germany grounded, to service the costumers in the recycling industy. Transport of recycling was now a big part of the positive business base, that was performed in the company.

In January 2006 moved the company I Denmark into a new place at Stæremosen 59, DK-3250 Gilleleje, where it still is today. The company is continued in a good operation, with a huge stability for their customers.

Walli Irschenberger has no natural successor to take over the further operation, so he hired at the beginning of 2015, two young partners, Lars Christensen, who is trained in the firm and Martin Sundsvold, who is trained in DSV. The two partners are hired to incorporate them in the company, so that they will take over the company in a sliding generation shift, ending ultimo 2024.

The company is in an extremely good flow with a good costumer group. We develop every day with new actions, so the firm continued will develop in a positive direction. We take regards to the requirement from the government to transport recycling goods – recycling in the modern society.