Our vision:

Our vision is to do waste and recycling shipments nationally as well as internationally. Recycling is a necessity for our community and our natural resources.

Our transports are especially with metals, plastic, impregnated wood and construction waste and recycled materials, that demands valid waste permits for the transport, so we take huge regards to the increasing requirements, that is commanded from the government will be respected. We take pride to help our hauliers to get the right permits, and we will always do our very best to help all our hauliers to get the permits they need.

We adapt our corporation to accommodate our costumers increasing requirements and demand for environmentally friendly solutions in the recycling sector. We are very solution-oriented and we have protracted consumer- and supplier relationships, as our history shows.

WTC Spedition A/S is based on a stable and solid foundation, to ensure, that we expand as the demand increases in the business and to ensure that the stable, that assure that WTC Spedition A/S will continue in the future.